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Small hot room . Radiator advice

misterheatmisterheat Posts: 155Member
edited September 12 in Strictly Steam
I have a very small bedroom 8'x 10' 8 foot ceiling with 1 window it currently has a old rad that the edr is 20 . The room heats up so quickly and gets so hot that i put the smallest vent on it, it is a pinhole. So now each cycle ,maybe 2 sections heat up only. it helped with keeping the room cool but i seem to be getting a lot more water hammering as of late . it was never really noisy at all . I used to close the valve completely and the room did stay warm but also got some water hammering .
1 . is it worth getting a new much smaller rad with a bigger vent ?
2 , is the smaller slower vent letting condensate build up, it was never a problem with a bigger vent ?


  • SteamheadSteamhead Posts: 12,336Member
    If that room is overheating, this may be a steam-distribution issue that needs correcting elsewhere in the system. The usual cause is inadequate main vents. Where are you located?
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  • Jamie HallJamie Hall Posts: 8,757Member
    And while you are looking into the rest of the venting as suggested by @Steamhead , you can often make a vent close completely by turning it upside down (that doesn't work on all vents...). Make sure, since this is single pipe steam, that the radiator valve is all the way open -- anything else will hammer. If it still hammers with the valve fully open, check the pitch of all the pipes leading to the radiator -- they must slope enough so that condensate can drain out of them.

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