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Preferred System Pump for ModCon Secondary Loop

BoilOver2 Member Posts: 38
I'm having trouble tracking a clear answer down to this, so figured I would ask this group. I'm looking to have a ModCon boiler installed (Lochinvar Noble) with zone valves and was wondering whether a delta p ecm pump is preferred (ex: Taco VR1816 or Grundfos Alpha2) or a delta t pump such as a Taco VT2218. It seems that some would say DONT use a delta T pump since that counteracts the mod cons control approach, but elsewhere others seem to actually recommend it. Thanks in advance.


  • clammy
    clammy Member Posts: 3,113
    a lot would depend on your heat emitters and how much temp control you would desire on zone loops. On my own mod con had a standard grundys 15 58 and switched to a wilo ecm pressure differential pump for both a panel rad and staple up zone both running the same low temp Noticed better control on radiant temp meaning tighter 10 td through the whole cycle and a bit of a wider td on my panel rads being its set at a lower head I use the pd pumps for zones and td where I want to try to maintain a set td across my loops hope that helps. Of course on the boiler it has a fixed speed pump over all I can’t complain gotta the wilos for a song and dance being most of the guys at the supply gawk at any pump over 100 bucks I got them for a little bit more then a007 so I brought a few and have been using no issues yet but keep your eyes open for magnetite particles related to steel piping and spend some $ on a good maginetic separator it’s cheap insurance and good custermer relations peace and good luck clammy ps others may think differently but it been working for me
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  • Ironman
    Ironman Member Posts: 7,379
    With zone valves, you want a delta P.
    Bob Boan
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