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Asbestos? Or Fiberglass??

BurntFingersBurntFingers Posts: 38Member
Hi guys. What do you think? Thanks!!


  • ScottSecorScottSecor Posts: 148Member
  • ScottSecorScottSecor Posts: 148Member
    However, the white residue on the fitting may be from asbestos that was removed in the past.
  • pecmsgpecmsg Posts: 261Member
    The only way to know is to have it tested.

    My Guess is fiberglass and possibly asbestos under.
  • GroundUpGroundUp Posts: 127Member
    How old is it? Is it hard or soft? Hard to say positively from the photo but I am 95% certain it's glass, due to the 1/2" of visible medium at the end. The elbow however, may be asbestos (or plaster) but it appears you've already disturbed whatever it is. Get it tested if you're unsure. At the very least, wet it down and bag it before you do any cutting to keep the particles from becoming airborne
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