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Vanilla pudding in condinsate trap?¿?

_HeaterDude_ Member Posts: 14
Hey, any ever seen what looks like and about the same consistency as vanilla pudding clogging the condinsate outlet and trap of any boiler...this one is specifically a HTP UFTC 140.

It was totally clogged and drained fine after removing the pudding but I have never seen it before and not sure what would cause that kind of buildup. Any advice would be appreciated.



  • _HeaterDude_
    _HeaterDude_ Member Posts: 14
    Anyone have any idea what caused that slimy stuff in the the photos?
  • NY_Rob
    NY_Rob Member Posts: 1,370
    edited June 2018
    I have an HTP UFT-80W mod-con....

    I have seen very small amounts of white slime develop in the condensate neutralizer tube in/around the marble chips... but at much smaller quantities then in your photo. I attributed it to lack of water flow thru the neutralizer tube?

    I do remove/flush out the neutralizer tube and media every few months during the heating season to keep it clean/flowing.

    Are you exhausting properly (no blockages) with the correct diameter and length piping?
    DIP switches set correctly for gas or LP and 2" or 3" pipe?
    Are you using the outdoor reset sensor?
    How are your combustion numbers... CO and CO2?
  • _HeaterDude_
    _HeaterDude_ Member Posts: 14
    The pictures are of the condinsate outlet of the boiler heat exchanger., not a neutralizer.

    I didn't install the unit, but was called out to find out why it wasn't working. But the venting and settings, and combustion (was told it was done correctly by the installer) seems good.

    There are 5 other units on site, they are having me out to do a complete service and look over everything in the next few weeks and I will verify everything on all the units.

    But I just have never seen that white slime except kinda similar related to a neutralizer like you stated.
    It's just wierd.
  • NY_Rob
    NY_Rob Member Posts: 1,370
    If the condensate drain piping started backing up it could leave that crud there... which would block it further.
  • _HeaterDude_
    _HeaterDude_ Member Posts: 14
    I have serviced hundreds of boilers all brands and seen lots of crud block condinsate traps, but nothing of this type of goo...this is the first Korean fire tube htp boiler I have serviced, could it be something particular to this boiler.
    I have seen the sandy, the coffee grounds, the blackslime, brown slime, hard as a rock grey or black, but never whiteish slime goo.

    Just going to service these units more often and train the on site staff to keep the traps clean monthly.
  • flat_twin
    flat_twin Member Posts: 338
    Something in the combustion air? Fuel quality?
  • NY_Rob
    NY_Rob Member Posts: 1,370
    ^ it will be interesting to see the combustion numbers when the OP services the boilers in the next few weeks.

    Do the other 4 UFT's at the site have any crud in their condensate traps?
  • _HeaterDude_
    _HeaterDude_ Member Posts: 14
    That it is being replaced under warranty for a few other issues, but it looks like another of the 6 on that site have the same slime.
    I will be going back and servicing all 5 and doing a startup on the one being replaced once the original plumber replaces it.
    I told them they might need to have them serviced more often, or at least have their site staff learn to clean the condinsate traps periodically between servicing.
    Should be interesting
  • SlamDunk
    SlamDunk Member Posts: 1,407
    We call it squid. Very common occurrence resolved with an occasional dose of bleach or a routine Blow of air. It is bacterial growth. We have 30 Air handlers and find the chilled water coil drain P-traps clogged like this frequently. Especially during the less humid season when there is only a trickle of condensate.
    There isnt enough condensate flowing to flush it thru so this squid develops