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Zone controlled home AC

cnmdesigncnmdesign Posts: 81Member
edited June 2018 in THE MAIN WALL
I have zone valve controlled radiant heat. Is there a way to set up temp controlled room vents for AC so when there is a call for cold air the vent opens and lets cold air into the room and closes off when the room reaches the set temp?

All so like a variable hot water circ pump, is there a circ fan that will detect the change in required air pressure/CFM and adjust accordingly saving electricity?
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  • ratioratio Posts: 1,930Member
    Honeywell makes a line of residential zoning systems that work as well as you can expect. Also Zonex, and many others.

    Note that the unit you linked to (as AFAIK most/all other residential ECM systems) is a constant CFM unit—when it starts, it measured the static pressure of the ductwork & decides what speed it need to run at to put out it's programmed volume of air. It doesn't respond to changes in required air volume, although modern multistage units do drop to a lower gear when running in stage 1. You will likely need a bypass (recirculate air from the supply into the return) or a dump zone to manage airflow.

  • John Mills_5John Mills_5 Posts: 897Member
    Your best bet on a duct system not designed for zoning is the high end proprietary equipment from either Bryant/Carrier or American Standard/Trane. Their zone systems are communicating and with matching modulating furnaces and variable speed outdoor units, you can match the needs of that zone with the equipment. Otherwise you can have the duct system screaming and the equipment cycling on its overheat/overcool protection when 1 or 2 small zones are calling. There's a thread on another forum I'm on where the HO is complaining his ducts sound like a freight train due to air noise. Bypass helps with the air noise but can really increase the short cycling on protection.
  • Rich_49Rich_49 Posts: 2,530Member
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