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dry 15 ton unit available?

Does anyone know if a manufacturer makes a 15 ton dry condensing unit that can be used with r407C? This would be for an air conditioning application. We have a job that has an existing Trane R22 two stage unit that has had one locked up compressor for some time, and now today the other compressor electrically shorted. The unit is connected to a Trane built up air handler. The system was installed in 2003. It would make more sense to replace the entire unit. Thanks to all.


  • clammyclammy Member Posts: 2,072
    Cut to the chase and replace.Was at a trane dealer just the other day and they had flyers there that basically stated that you where better off switching to 410 then retro fitting 407 w older 22 systems .Why not just replace the compressors and run 407 .Personally when faced w your issues i just tell them change the units and welcome to the future of garbage .Maybe that 2nd stage compressor wouldn t have failed if the 1 stage compressor wasn t shot ,sounds like building owner is cheap ;Maybe he should look into a upgrading to hi eff there are state programs w rebates that make it extremely cheap 'Usually there provided by local utilities .After rebates it s ridiculous how cheap ,we have been nurse mating many systems for years and lose the replacment jobs due to these programs .After replacement we are usually done w the customer and fire them and basically tell them to seek service from the install co who gave them such a deal .Just remenber no good deed goes unpunished espically when it come to ac and roof tops and larger splits .On a note thinking about it i have rarely seen then offer much when it comes to hi eff on larger split systems maybe to much paper work and to much work thats why they seem to target pac unts peace and good luck clammy
  • clammyclammy Member Posts: 2,072
    try united refrigeration they may still carry some thing dry in there thermal zone line .They aren t the worse or the best but it is what it is we used one on a replacement for a older carrier semi hermetic replacement been in a few years and no issues seemingly better then the the constant service of a 30 plus year old unit thats been beat up . It had hermetic and was 2 stage using solnoid valves at ah good luck clammy
  • pecmsgpecmsg Member Posts: 437
    Change the Compressor(s) only.

    Trane or Copeland
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