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Different trade, same story

HeatingHelp Administrator Posts: 598
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Different trade, same story

I ask those guys if they can ever retire and they tell me they can’t because there’s no business to sell. It’s all about them and their skills. No one can do a heating job better than they can.

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  • Jackmartin
    Jackmartin Member Posts: 196
    That sounds so familiar. I suppose he was never young, going to be a lonely old man. Jack
    EBEBRATT-Ed Member Posts: 14,476
    We may be able to get the quantity of young people but I am not sure about the quality. There is a lot of competition.

    The trade schools and schools in general have not helped the situation.

    Too may plumber jokes. Many people have been taught not to respect the trades, close the trade schools. The high schools have no more shop classes.. When I grew up we tore our bicycles apart, then lawnmowers then cars

    I know 30 year olds who can't change a bicycle tire, have no tools in their house (well maybe 2 screwdrivers and a hammer) to hang pictures
  • Shalom
    Shalom Member Posts: 165
    edited April 2018
    When I was a kid I took everything apart. Putting them back together is another story. Especially typewriters. I have an abiding hatred for typewriters and the people who design them. Never got one reassembled properly.

    I do remember coming home one day and finding my mother disassembling her washing machine (belt had snapped). She told me once that she didn't know until she was married that there was such a thing as a guy that came to your home and fixed things, because between my grandfather and his father-in-law there wasn't much they couldn't repair.
  • Leonard
    Leonard Member Posts: 903
    edited April 2018
    Didn't' take shop classes in high school , college prep. But grew up at dad's car garage and took everything he replaced apart to see how it worked.

    Remember when I was ~ 15 I didn't want to sweat and strain hand pushing our manual reel lawn mower. Found 2 broke gas lawn mowers on the curb and swapped engine parts to get it running.

    My typewriter got tossed out of trunk in a car crash. It was a bit too difficult to fix even when working as an engineer. Was more complex than I wanted to bother with, had to remove many layers to get at the bad part. Was a $279 one so spent $100 to have it fixed, worked but not 100%. Eventually computers printers came along.