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Peerless Pavilion IAQ High Velocity Air Handler (Who made it?)

Hi All,

Serving my (finished) attic, and second floor I have a Peerless Pavilion IAQ High Velocity Air Handler, attached to a 3ton Westinghouse Condenser and restive heat strips. (no heat pump). Main home heat is steam. So far it works fine, the house sorely needs AC on the first floor, and I'm in the beginning of researching what I might want installed. I like the High Velocity system, but when i look it up, It's not listed on Peerless's site, does anyone know who made this system, is it still made?


  • johncharlesjohncharles Member Posts: 20
    I'd be lying if I said that website looked top of the line. Is this a lower end version of a unico or spackpak type system? Is this generally a cheaper system than the ones mentioned? Or is in the same general price range?
  • mikeg2015mikeg2015 Member Posts: 1,178
    If you have a basement, I’d stay simple and add a conventional heat pump sized for cooling demand (go small, big old homes have a lot of mass and 1st floor gets reverse stack effect, rarely need over 2 tons on the 1st floor). With a small 2 tons system you can just cut 5 or 6 large floor registers.. one for each room and use high flowing heavy duty grills )I just use return grills, dampers on registers are stupid, should put them at the plenum. Thats how a I did mine, cheap, even, silent long run times. Just hung flex in the unfinished, not pretty utilitarian basement.
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