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Testo Smart Probes

Has anyone tried any of the Testo Smart Probes yet? We have the Refrigeration and VAC sets, they are fantastic. Very easy to use and figure out and assign roles.


  • RPKRPK Posts: 50Member
    I use the refrigeration set and two 605i thermohygrometers. They work well and are really convenient. I don’t have to drill as many holes and it’s easy to capture and share the data. The trend graph feature is really nice too. Quicker, easier measurements make for quicker and more accurate diagnosis.
  • GBartGBart Posts: 646Member
    Yeah I'm impressed, plus you don't have to worry about losing much charge in the hoses because there aren't any.
  • RPKRPK Posts: 50Member
    Regarding refrigerant loss... I ended up buying a set of stubby hoses with ball valves. I can’t get the probes into some tight spots, and the Testo Schrader depressors are a little too long. The Yellow Jacket hoses I got are female on one end and male on the other and only 6” long.
  • ratioratio Posts: 1,669Member
    Do you have to have Location turned on to use the Testos? The last set (I forget the brand) I looked at required GPS to be on to use them, the app wouldn't even start without it.
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