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Gas Training with Tim McElwain

Tim McElwainTim McElwain Posts: 4,091Member
Due to the encryption of all my files, mailing lists etc I am unable to reach my customers. So I going with what I can find to reach potential customers. I would appreciate those who read this to perhaps contact folks who might be interested in what we offer. Here is our immediate schedule:

One Week Long

Monday Jan 22 Fundamentals of Gas $300
Tuesday Jan 23 Circuitry & Troubleshooting $300
Wednesday Jan 24 Hydronic Controls $300
Thursday Jan 25 Electric Ignition Gas Systems $300
Friday Jan 26 Advanced Electric Ignition Gas Systems $300

Mail check or money order to Gas Appliance Service Training & Consulting
42 Village Drive
Riverside RI 02915

Training will be conducted at 338 Metacom Ave. Warren, RI 02885

For more information call 401-437-0557

Same classes will also be offered Feb 12 to Feb 16 and March 12 to 16. Special class on Powerpile systems March 1 for $300.

Last of all we have a Mod/Con class March 27 to March 30 for $1,200.


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