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Adding fin tube to a radiant floor heat system

I have a radiant floor heat system that does not quite heat my home well enough it goes down to about 60 in some areas of the house I would like to add fin tube to heat these areas up. Problem is the return water is only 130 degrees supply goes out at 167. I would like to increase flow but it will not go over 2.1 gallons per minute thru both manifolds (I have a 2 port for 2 bedrooms and a 3 port for the living room bathroom and kitchen) the bedrooms are controlled by a separate thermostat. Each zone has its own circulator pump a taco 007 pump 1/25 horsepower. Could I add an additional taco 007 pump on the return side to increase flow? How would I wire this so it goes on with the other pumps? Head feet is about 6 feet.


  • Ironman
    Ironman Member Posts: 7,341
    You would need to make it a separate zone.
    Bob Boan
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  • delta T
    delta T Member Posts: 884
    As Ironman says, you need a separate zone.

    What kind of radiant install is this? 167 is very high for a radiant supply temp, is this staple up? Is there insulation below the tubing?
  • masterplumbr
    masterplumbr Member Posts: 2
    Be sure all the air is bleed off your floor radiant it will cause flow issues ans cold spots.
  • keyote
    keyote Member Posts: 659
    Consider adding a small radiant wall area. sunboard panel makes 1" foam panels with a graphite lamination and tube loop channels like warmboard. I had a cold room and i simply added one wall of the panels from the floor up about 4 feet right over the old wall sheetrock and ran the loop back to my manifold which had a couple extra outlets capped. I just screwed new sheet rock over the panel careful to hit the studs and miss the loops took one long day including taping and painting. I hid the wall thickness difference by cutting out a 4'' rip of sheetrock above the new panel this allowed me to first of all see exactly where studs were. but also i screwed a shelf of 1x4 to the edge of some 2x4 then screwed the 2x4 face against the exposed studs creating a a sort of ledge that looks ornamental and intentional. the 2x4 is 1 1/2' and the foam board on top of the old rock is the same so when covering your foamboard you cover the 2x4 as welland only the little shelf stick out like a chair rail. the foam panels put out way more heat than my wood floor panels about 90 degrees when today with 140 water temps and uniform.the advantage is you can keep your water temp the same as radiant which is usually much lower than radiators but as others have said 160 degree water sounds insane for radiant heat even with this weeks design day plus weather you want your water if its a mod con coming back below 130 or less to condense and a delta t of maybe 20 at the boiler and less across the manifold