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Mutiple heat source types on monoflo loop

ranjo364 Member Posts: 4
edited December 2017 in Radiant Heating
Need some guidance with a home renovation project soon to start. Creating an open concept floor plan by removing walls & combining adjacent D/R with ceramic tiling throughout the space (radiant is not an option). These two rooms are on the same monoflow loop as the adjoining L/R. The subject loop presently has 46.5 ' of Slant Fin bboard (22' of which is relatively new hi-out, the rest is circa 1975). Furniture placement against the one remaining D/R wall would block only location for a long strip of new bbooard (approx 12') replacing the original heat source (11' of 1975 bboard) and require furniture to be several inches from the wall impacting placement of remaining D/R furniture.

The proposed replacement heat sources (radiant is not an option) follows in order, from supply side of the subject monoflow loop which is on the first floor above heating plant :

2 Myson wall mounted radiators (about 4k/btu each) in D/R each installed with a bypass valve.
1 Myson Whispa 1 kick heater (under sink / Kit )
28' of S/F bboard (mostly hi-out)

Concerned about the rads and kicker taking most of the heat out of the feed and not leaving much for the downstream bboard. Opinions welcome on
1) need for /placement of monflow or venturi tees
2) need for balancing valves or
3) configuring split loop

to best ensure best performance.

Thanks in advance.


    EBEBRATT-Ed Member Posts: 15,312
    need to know what the boiler btu output is, size of monoflow main (1 loop or 2 loop) and what size the monoflow branch you want to connect into is.

    When you refer to the "monoflow loop" do you mean the main or the branches off the tees??
  • ranjo364
    ranjo364 Member Posts: 4
    thanks for your questions. Boiler is American Standard 1B-J1 circa 1975 - output 172,000 btu. There is no "main" loop; rather 6 discreet branches connected directly to the plant. Size of the subject is currently 23,400 btu. Been referring to this branch. There are currently no T's anywhere in the system. The Myson devices mentioned are the model T6 which employ a bypass valve at connections to supply and return feeds. Myson advises this, in addition to TRVs, should produce appropriate pressure balance and flow for the rads (rated at 4811 btu each). Downstream from these will be a Myson Whispa III 7000 kick heater (approx 5900 btu) before hitting the baseboard.
    Hope this helps
  • Paul48
    Paul48 Member Posts: 4,469
    You can't have a monoflow system, without monoflow tees.
  • ranjo364
    ranjo364 Member Posts: 4
    thanks Paul - perhaps a semantic issue here. The definition of "mono" shows as “alone,” “single,” “one” . Thus one supply, with a single return to the plant - referred to as a loop. The better description might be branch or zone. The use of tee's on a "branch" do create a "loop" . So, moving forward, on the subject branch, would tee's be required on the rads ?
    One additional piece of information just added - each rads will be installed with a bypass valves in parallel.
  • ranjo364
    ranjo364 Member Posts: 4
    Some clarifications. The subject branch is a series loop. Myson rads will be installed with adjustable bypass valves, which per Myson, should eliminate need for tees on those devices. The downstream kick heater to be installed with regular tee on supply / venturi on return side (min 12" spacing) .

    With the above balancing devices in place, can remaining 28' of downstream s/fin baseboard be adequately supported.

    calc output original config: 27,510 btu
    calc output new config: 32,260 btu