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balancing radiant and boiler setup

keyotekeyote Member Posts: 629
radiant floors and ceilings KHN085 boiler ODR piped direct with ECM pump and zone valves to a manifold per four floors. need to get a bit more serious about this. So i want lowest RWT possible for condensing and want long runs which go together less heat over longer times.currently only one zone hooked up so i guess the ideal is the lowest swt that will meet demand with constant running, and ODR adjusting as outside temps as proxy for load change? and i should also try to get pumping to keep DT on rwt low. ( i tried to use a DT pump but fought with boilers mod, put in on speed two until add more zones when I will swap for DP pump if cant get a ECM 1-10v that boiler can control DT)

so if i'm correct about above as ideal, does that change as more zones are added. In other words is the final ideal all four manifold zones running non stop? or is it more like they alternate with say 2 of 4 running any one time?
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