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hydro therm boiler flame keep turning off

lubu726lubu726 Posts: 3Member

The burner flame keep turn off after couple mins not the pilot light. To turn the flame back on, I need to switch the power on and off and sometime the flame stay lit , most other time i need to do it couple times for it to stay lit. My friend said to change the thermostat and remove the air from the boiler so I did both of that, but the trouble still not resolve. There are 3 zones for my boiler with 3 thermostats. The blue top is for basement, the middle is for my bedroom but both of the thermostats always shut. The bottom is the main zone with the new thermostat I just install to heat the whole house. If anyone can give some tips to what I can do to resolve this issue,

Thank you


  • HVACNUTHVACNUT Posts: 1,388Member
    Seems like it might be a faulty pilot generator or gas valve.
    That's an old boiler. Probably hovering about 60% efficient. Think about replacement.
    What's with the blue electrical conduit? Is that to code where you're located?
  • lubu726lubu726 Posts: 3Member
    Never notice it when i bought the house 10 years ago. How much would new boiler cost these day ?
  • unclejohnunclejohn Posts: 1,289Member
    Probably just need to pull out the pilot and clean the thermopile and make sure you have a nice blue pilot flame. It really is time to have a pro look at that boiler.
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