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Furnace will not listen to thermostat

birdy14k Member Posts: 3
I have a tempstar 2 stage furnace. I just installed a new programmable thermostat. The furnace will not kick on when the temperature drops below the program temperature. It will work when I turn the curcuit breaker off and then on. Why won't the furnace listen to the programmable thermostat?


    JUGHNE Member Posts: 8,685
    How many wires were connected to your old T-stat?
    Did you buy a 2 stage T-stat for replacement?
  • mikeg2015
    mikeg2015 Member Posts: 1,183
    Need a lot more info.

    You can't rely on wire colors. Need to match up the terminals/functions of each thermostat.

    Might need a jumper added for the "R" terminal between Rc and Rh. Usually it's preinstalled.
  • birdy14k
    birdy14k Member Posts: 3
    There are only 4 wires coming out of my wall to hook up to my thermostat.
  • birdy14k
    birdy14k Member Posts: 3
    There is a jumper wire preinstalled between Rd and Rh
  • DZoro
    DZoro Member Posts: 1,048
    do you have a air conditioner?
    You mentioned it will only work when you cycled the furnace. Your furnace maybe in a fault situation.
  • unclejohn
    unclejohn Member Posts: 1,736
    I was thinking the same as Dennis that the furnace was in lock out. Most likely there is a flashing lite that will tell you the issue. Or you probably got a female thermostat. A female tstat will not listen to you, take it back and ask for a male tstat, a male tstat will listen but won't do what it's told. But it will drink beer with you.