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Homer repiped his copper near boiler piping to black steel

Posting to show the work I've done over the past few months on night and weekends. I tried to follow the work of the pros here as well as I could, and added few things that made sense to me as well.

I have previously posted some pictures of my system when I acquired it and after insulating the header here:

I'll add pictures to the Repiping folder later tonight (I need to take them first!).

The risers are 2-1/2"x36" dropping into a 3" header. The main takeoffs are 2-1/2" then reduced to 2" to connect to the mains. The equalizer and wet return is 2" as well. The dry to wet returns are 1-1/2".
The wet return goes through a 2" wye strainer before dropping into low point "sediment trap" with a plug in the side. Mud leg has a reducing el and a 2" ball valve drain.
I added a raised steam syphon for the controls (albeit I don't like how it turned out overall and may change it next year) and added a vaporstat and a second -30-0-50" w.c. low pressure gauge.

I bought about half my fittings old stock on ebay for far less than list price, and bought the rest of the pipe and fittings from the local pipe supply house or when they were not an option, from or I got all the valves from Amazon as they routinely discount their last few inventory to 85% off list price.

I'd love to hear comments / criticism. I am an EE by day, so this was all very new to me. I'm sure I made some things harder than they needed to be, and wasted a few fittings where I could have simplified it. And some of it looks a bit ugly.
I still need to add a few more pipe supports and then re-insulate the new pipes. I will update when that's done as well.


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