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Anyone use a Honeywell T1 pro thermostat

EYoderEYoder Member Posts: 4
Hi, I'm new on here and have done some searches but haven't found an answer for my question.
We've been using a lot of Honeywell Focuspro 5000 thermostats programmed for heat only. It now appears to be discontinued by Honeywell and I'm seeing a T1 Pro listed in their brochure. Anyone use it? Thoughts?


  • EYoderEYoder Member Posts: 4
    Or have another suggestion for a simple 1 heat t-stat with a decent display?
  • newagedawnnewagedawn Member Posts: 287
    use a honeywell pro 1000. its a good heat only t stat, use them all the time never had a problem
  • JUGHNEJUGHNE Member Posts: 3,489
    Supply House. com has over 500 Focus Pro 5000's in stock.
    I use these for standard replacement.
    Simple to use, has large screen display, tells you room temp and setting temp simultaneously, unlike some others.
    Set up program for heat only.

    Must have battery installed if you have only 2 wires at old t-stat.
  • FriendlyFredFriendlyFred Member Posts: 6
    I use the Honeywell T4 - a 1H/1C unit. Can be configured in heat-only mode, and config'd specific to steam or hot water. It's programmable, includes some 'adaptive reset' features to plan for heat loss, and can set cycles per hour.

    Simple, looks good, and has zero internet connectivity - which is a plus in my book. Can be had from 'Supply Houses' for under $50.
  • EYoderEYoder Member Posts: 4
    Thanks, yes I saw had some 5000's left. I was looking at the T4. Hate to see the 5000 go, used hundreds..
  • EYoderEYoder Member Posts: 4
    Have used some1000's and I like the simplicity. The T4 looks a bit nicer especially in a newer house.
    Apparently the T1 won't be out for a while.
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