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High Pressure Steam Level Control

So I know this isn't really a forum for industrial applications, but thought I'd give it a shot anyway. I have an application with an indirect fired high pressure steam vessel. It is a u-tube shell and tube heat exchanger with hot oil in the tubes. They are making 920lb steam! Whoa..
I need some kind of level control to turn the feed water on and off.... and yes, they can weld on to the ASME vessel.
I know there are water tube boilers out there that operate in this range, how do they do it?



  • leonzleonz Posts: 214Member
    If you call the Burnham Boiler Company I am sure that they can help you with your boiler and answer your questions.
  • EBEBRATT-EdEBEBRATT-Ed Posts: 3,935Member
    920 lb is way out of Burnham's speed and league.
    You need to contact someone who sells HIGH Pressure steam specialties

    1. SPX Copes Vulcan
    2. Fisher Controls
    3. Spirax Sarco
    4. Armstrong

    Goggle them and find an area rep. Don't screw around with a distributor
  • leonzleonz Posts: 214Member
    Sorry I ment the Hurst Boiler company from Coolidge, Georgia.

  • Thanks EBEBRATT-Ed! I'll check those out.

    leonz, I have worked with Hurst Extensively in the past. They make good stuff, but even this pressure is out of their league...they max out at 450psi... I was thinking of Victory Energy. They make up to 2000 psi water tube boilers. With that said, any of these companies are sourcing controls from another manufacturer, just got to find the right controls manufacturer!
    ...also, a 2000psi boiler might scare me a little :o
  • jumperjumper Posts: 1,184Member
    Level control is probably in a pressurized external vessel supplying your heat exchanger. Fortunately level control is not critical because the hot oil's temperature is controlled.What you have can be called an unfired boiler so perhaps that is what you should google.

    In my day I don't think they sold thermal oil for such high temperatures. 500°+? I think a company called Ameritherm made molten salt boilers to power unfired boilers for such high temperatures.
  • leonzleonz Posts: 214Member
    Check with Marsh instruments in Ohio
  • Thanks for everyone's efforts! I ended up with Orion Instruments... Pretty cool stuff here!
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