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Give me checklist for fall boiler cleaning and inspection

I'm seeking a thorough checklist that a competent steam pro would tend to use in doing a routine fall boiler inspection and cleaning. I bought this house a little over a year ago and had the contractor who had done the service in the past come out to inspect the boiler, but as I stood there and watched, I did not see the technician doing much more than peering around with a flashlight. I assumed I should have had a cleaning of the gas burners and possibly of the underside of the boiler sections where the flame meets them, a combustion analysis, and probably other checking and testing. I intend to hire a good steam pro (two from this site live close enough that they would probably come to my location), and although I would trust a vetted steam pro, I would like to be armed with a good checklist showing the things that should be inspected and reviewed and preventively maintained in an annual maintenance procedure.

Boiler is about 10 years old and is a Peerless 63-06-sprk-w/s. This is a one-pipe steam system. I've already added massive multiple Big Mouth venting on the mains, washed out the wet returns, checked all mains for proper pitch, replaced missing insulation, and replaced all radiator vents with appropriate replacements, and also lowered the formerly too-high pressuretrol settings to recommended settings and recalibrated the set-screw to measure the pressuretrol's accuracy by watching the low pressure gauge that I added on a pigtail.

I've done what I can do, and now would like a checklist so I can make sure that whatever pro I hire performs a thorough annual checkup/cleaning/maintenance. I'm willing to pay what's fair for thorough work, and I don't want to skip any preventive maintenance just to save money short term.

Please share check-list and inspection list suggestions. Thanks, all.


  • MilanD
    MilanD Member Posts: 1,160
    Service / installation manual for your boiler should have a list at the end of it.
    j a_2
    HVACNUT Member Posts: 5,248
    Agree with what @MilanD said. If you don't have the manual, it can be downloaded.

    Inform the tech if you have any existing concerns or issues.

    On the gas side.
    Lockup and manifold pressures should be checked.
    A visual inspection of the burners is fine. A light brushing with a soft bristle nylon brush if needed. Removal and cleaning of the burners if necessary.
    BTW, if the flames are impinging on the block, there are issues.
    Check the chimney base for obstruction.
    Perform a combustion analysis.

    On the water side.
    Flush and check the operation of the LWCO.
    Check/adjust the pressurtrol.
    Cycle the heat from the thermostat.
    Clean/replace sight glass if necessary.
    Drain sediment.
    Check the pressure relief valve and date code. 5 years is about the life expectancy.

    Any other issues not part of a typical maintenance (vent replacement, auto feed problems, LWCO or pressurtrol failure, etc.). These will be addressed and diagnosed at an additional fee.

    If you choose one of the techs you mentioned above, you can be confident the work will be professional and thorough. No need to hover.
    As always, a job well performed deserves a nice gratuity.
    MilanDj a_2Zman
  • j a_2
    j a_2 Member Posts: 1,801
    Nice boiler, got any pictures,and any history...Peerless is a fantastic steam boiler, go to the peerless site and order yourself a booklet called THE COLOR OF STEAM...it's great read and only 6 bucks or so
  • I am assuming steam, as you posted in Strictly Steam. Add to the above:

    Flush the wet returns
    Flush the pressuretrol pigtails(s)
    Record the reading on the VXT (don't have a VXT? -get one. Today.)
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  • lchmb
    lchmb Member Posts: 2,997
    on a personal note since I like to do flow/lockup I also recommend a complete leak check on the system. Never hurts to be safe...
  • Kahooli
    Kahooli Member Posts: 112

    Record the reading on the VXT (don't have a VXT? -get one. Today.)

    Or install a mechanical water meter