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carrier controls replacement

A customer has one of the heat/cool systems controlled by Carriers zone controls, pilot and main board. We have many problems occuring and the Carrier dealer, Tudi mechanicals, has had several of their techs at considerable expense to no avail. The system is 11 yrs old a 30 ton AC and 8 zones. Can someone refer me to a contractor who can upgrade/replace all the carrier controls with another line. Honeywell? Schneider? Thanks, John "Heaton" Helsel


    HVACNUT Member Posts: 3,790
    edited July 2017
    Is it an Infinity system? 4 wire controls, 2- 24volt and 2- DC communication?
    If so, then as far as I know, no. The equipment won't be able to read the signals.
  • ratio
    ratio Member Posts: 2,726
    "System Pilot" indicates the older CCN stuff, but not the really old stuff. We've got an install that has been left to rot unmaintained for years. We ended up having to upgrade to the current flavor, BACnet based OpenWhatever. Still having the issue, but I think they're now due to old junk flaking out & no one really knowing how the system's been mangled over the years. Super flexible, I think every numbers in the system has a knob to adjust it. But woe to you if something's out of whack!

    To the OP, where are you located? It sounds like you're a contractor? Maybe property manager? If the system isn't too complicated, maybe ProLon would work for you? It seems pretty simple, not a lot of configurability to get screwed up. I haven't actually installed it anywhere, the one place I would have liked to try it at went with about a million Nest thermostats instead. (Yes. No. Ummmmm—just don't.)

    HEATON Member Posts: 117
    I'm a contractor retired trying to help our church on this issue and slow down the good money after bad syndrome with a commercial contractor billing hours & hours and still many probs. the location is in Washington PA Thanks for your comment!

  • ratio
    ratio Member Posts: 2,726
    Assuming you have confidence in them, I'd suggest a sit-down with your contactor. Explain to them where your at regarding the system, & ask them for options. They should be able to give you two or three choices, like upgrading to the current Carrier i-Vu controls, the aformentioned ProLon (or something similar), or maybe even deleting the zoning & operating the unit CV.

    How much functionality of the current system are you using/supposed to be using? Demand ventilation (CO2), night setback, sub metering/billing, etc.? If your needs are modest, something less than the I-Vu might be more suitable, and certainly cheaper. You might even be able to work it a deal where you install it & they commission it—I don't know what kind of skills you have access to.

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