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Weil Cast Iron Baseboard Assembly Tool

Phil53Phil53 Posts: 66Member
Does anybody have one of these I can rent, borrow, or buy. I really only have a need for one for about a days work, but if I have to buy one, I guess I can resell it. Tried to rent one from local wholesalers and haven't had any luck. The baseboard is so expensive almost no one uses it anymore.


  • vibert_cvibert_c Posts: 63Member
    You might have divulged your location with this request for a more prompt response. Are you moving old bb or installing new ones? Have you a supply of new push nipples at hand presently? The only tool most tradsmen loan out belongs to their dog! Hi Hi
  • Phil53Phil53 Posts: 66Member
    I'm in Aurora, Il - about 40 west of Chicago. The 1st floor of my ranch house is heated with Weil CI baseboard installed when the house was built in 1961. The basement was never finished or heated and I'm in the process of doing that. I came across some new surplus Weil no. 9 baseboard heavily discounted and I picked it up. It is in various sections with end pieces, new push nipples and radiator els, just need to assemble and pipe to existing Burnham Series 2 boiler.
  • vibert_cvibert_c Posts: 63Member
    @Phil53 How is your job coming getting the cast iron baseboards installed? Are you still in need of an assembly tool?
  • Phil53Phil53 Posts: 66Member
    Kinda got side tracked with some other projects. Will probably get back to this after the holidays. I can buy an assembly tool and sell it back to the plumbing supply house, will cost me about $150 to do that. Considering the cost of ruining a piece of baseboard trying to force it together, I'll probably just bit the bullet and pick one up.
  • NY_RobNY_Rob Posts: 1,370Member
    Most supply houses will "rent" it to you for the day or two.
    If you're not a regular account- you'll need to put down a deposit.
  • baconairbaconair Posts: 1Member
    Ok Phil53 its April your done right ? If not I have one I wil let you use I'm up near palatine but I will meet if you like .
  • Phil53Phil53 Posts: 66Member
    Actually I haven't been able to put them together yet and would be interested in borrowing your assembly tool. Would be willing to pick it up in palatine if that works for you. Feel free to call me at 630-701-4533. Thanks
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