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Carlin boiler won't turn on

Please excuse me if I call something by the wrong name. Here's my issue....I have a fairly new boiler and ran it out of oil the other day. Has happened a few times in the last couple of years but no issues starting back up. So when I have power to the unit the "low water level" indicator turns green which tells me there is power and the water levels are good. The only other thing that happens is when I turn it on the amber light lights up on the reset button for about 4 seconds so I can't bleed the system either. I have tried doing a factory reset by holding the button down like it says on the back but nothing at all happens. Do I need to replace the reset unit ? I also tested the cad cell eye, I think it's called, by running a jumper between the two leads but no changes. Any advice ?


  • newagedawnnewagedawn Posts: 118
    please take a pic and show it
  • newagedawnnewagedawn Posts: 118
    sounds like you need to hold the button longer till it flashes the let go, usually 90 sec
  • EBEBRATT-EdEBEBRATT-Ed Posts: 2,043
    don't run out of oil. running the tank low could cause plugged nozzles, filters, strainers and other untold problems. repairs will be expensive.
  • Sorry guys, didn't realize anyone replied since I wasn't notified by member. Anyway it looks like the primary controller could be bad. When I turn the unit on the amber light goes on for 4 seconds then off, which it says is normal. However I can't do a reset of any kind and it's not throwing power to the motor. I tested the motor and it's fine. In fact it started bleeding oil through the bleed valve which also tells me the pump is working. Does this sound right ?
  • STEVEusaPASTEVEusaPA Posts: 1,344
    If power is going in, the control is properly reset, and power isn't going to the motor/transformer, then I would also suspect the primary control. But that control can be tricky to reset.
  • Big EdBig Ed Posts: 818
    did you take off the jumper to FF .It will not fire , If jumper off disconnect one FF lead if fires up replace the complete cad cell ... If light stays red hold button until it flashes green ... No lights and power in but no power out ,replace control
    I have enough experience to know , that I dont know it all
  • I will give it a try. Last night I replaced the control with an older one that my neighbor had laying around. It only had 3 wires coming out of it but the manual did have that option. The boiler started and heated the water to temperature. However it hasn't run since but doesn't that prove that it's the control that was the problem ?
    edited May 24
    Like @ Big Ed said, it sounds like a cad cell problem.
    After you replaced the primary and the burner made limit, but it did not recycle, did it go into safety?
    Does the fuel pump have a delayed oil valve? If so, is the hot side of the coil wired to the motor lead of the 3 wire primary?
    Seems like you need a cad cell with lead, and OEM primary. Check safety operation when complete.
  • I may have posted in the wrong place, I apologize. HVACNUT I'll check on these points that you listed. I did test the cad cell and silonoid before I replaced the control and both were ok.
  • wasup23wasup23 Posts: 3
    Multimeters are your best friend, learn how to use it, and you will never have a question like this ever again. Don't ever blindly reset anything with fuel. This is how people die.
  • I'm an electrician...low voltage...I am very familiar with multimeters. I just have no clue how a boiler operates, just learning it now
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