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Understanding Navien Recirculating Water Heater

We have a Navien NR-240A installed in new construction in 2012. We are on well water and have a low flowing well. The house is set up with recirculation, though I am not sure where in the house the "T" on the system is located.

We seem to have to run hot water for a long time to get it hot. I've checked the remote controller which seems to show that the system is detecting the flow right away. The recirculation timer is set to operate ever 15 minutes, even though we are often not at the property. I don't hear the heater "fire up" right away when the tap is opened and can't tell if the recirculation pump is running. There are no error codes showing.

We want to reduce waste in using water given our well situation.

Perhaps this is normal--how does recirculation help if the heater is not firing--seems like this would just be sending ever cooler water around the loop. Could less frequent recirculation help? Could there be issues with the heater firing even though there are no error codes?

I hate to pay for an expensive rural service call to have the tech tell me that it is working fine. Appreciate any assistance or advice people can provide here.


  • ZmanZman Member Posts: 3,249
    If you can post a picture of your setup it would really help. Their are lots of ways your system may be piped.
    "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough"
    Albert Einstein
  • Dave HDave H Member Posts: 253
    is this recirculation pump just recently installed?
    If so, what size/model is it? Typically with tankless water heaters, the circulator needs to be properly sized. So to speak "standard" recirc pumps are too small to get it the water heater to fire.

    If it is existing and it has worked in the past, then there may be something wrong with the circulator.

    Dave H.
    Dave H
  • Terry OTerry O Member Posts: 55
    You might want to verify if the Navien was installed and programmed for utilizing the "internal" or "external" recirc function.

    See link:
    Terry O
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