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Heat Timer Model EPU Blue Control Box Member Posts: 7
edited February 2017 in Thermostats and Controls
Hope all is well. My issue with this heat timer is the program clock dial is not operating or moving, preventing wand from clicking day into night mode therefore boiler giving heat 24/7...........
Thank You


  • Zman
    Zman Member Posts: 6,958
    Did you check power to the motor? If you find and post a wiring diagram someone could walk you through it. There may be one on the back of the cover.
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  • Abracadabra
    Abracadabra Member Posts: 1,948
    If you have power to the timer motor, then motor is dead. Haven't touched one of these in a while, but I believe it's a replaceable part, similar to the motor on an intermatic timer.
  • Member Posts: 7
    Thank you ZMAN & Abacadabra:

    Had to replace the clock motor on the back of the panel which is identical to the part which motors the intermatic timer.

    Part: Heat Timer Corp. 40000304 CLOCK MOTOR 24V 1RPH EPU,EPUCH

    None of the plumbing or heating supplies stock this clock motor and Heat Timer does not sell it. Cannot even find it or purchase it online or Ebay, that's how rare this dinosaur part is.

    Heat Timer requires to get a 3rd party to yank out the panel and sent it to there HQ in jersey for them to "service it" and after easily over a $1000 and weeks later you know the rest.

    Luckily thanks to this website, I was able to find someone who did have the part and swapped it for me in 5 minutes and saved me a massive amount of $. You guys are the best! Thank You!
  • dalizd
    dalizd Member Posts: 1
    Im in need of tge same part. The motor ti the timer is humming like a bee and doesnt seem to be moving the dial. Who can i contact for tge part or repair?
  • ScottSecor
    ScottSecor Member Posts: 393
    The age of that unit looks like it may have soldered connections. We use to repair them on a regular basis, maybe once a year. Before putting it back in service, might want to check all the connections.
  • Member Posts: 7
    edited November 2018
    There is a business in Staten Island that has the part and will charge you around $100 with part and labor.
  • SteamingatMohawk
    SteamingatMohawk Member Posts: 482
    There are lots of companies that make replacement motors. You need to have the most complete specs on the existing motor to make a match. Post them here and I will see what I can do to identify one. Posting a photo of the motor will help, too.
  • famco75
    famco75 Member Posts: 2
    I have a similar unit in Westchester County New York and would really appreciate someone who can troubleshoot and service the unit. The issue I'm having is that the unit stays on continuously. Can someone please email or text me a contact? My email is [email protected] telephone is 914-403-7623. Thanks!
  • Pianoman718
    Pianoman718 Member Posts: 0
    Am in need of the same part, is anyone aware of the company in Staten Island that replaces/services these units? 
    347-747-8128 if anyone has any leads 

    Heat Timer Corp. 40000304 CLOCK MOTOR 24V 1RPH EPU,EPUCH 
  • Member Posts: 7
    edited February 15
    I was there Staten Island today repairing my heat timer speaking of the devil
  • Michael101
    Michael101 Member Posts: 0
    Can someone text me the number of the company in Staten Island that replaces/services these units?
    Heat Timer Corp. 40000304 CLOCK MOTOR 24V 1RPH EPU,EPUCH
    EBEBRATT-Ed Member Posts: 10,213
    Wow guess every boiler room in NYC must have a heat timer