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Is a Honeywell 3-wire R182A 1004 relay a suitable replacement for an R19A1K 3-wire relay?

Skibum05Skibum05 Posts: 2Member
This is for powering on my circulator pump. The Honeywell R19A1K -- 3's relay has quit working, and I cannot find JUST a replacement relay to solder into the old relay box, so I'm looking to replace the entire relay box. Unfortunately I can't find any R19A relay boxes for sale anywhere (eBay, Craigslist, Amazon, HVAC dealers, etc.) to use with my bi-metal Series 10 3-wire thermostat. The Honeywell 3-wire R182A 1004 SPST relay sure looks and sounds like it will work. Would just like to confirm before I spend unnecessary money on eBay.

Thanks to anyone who knows!
Ski - Cincinnati


  • Tim McElwainTim McElwain Posts: 4,239Member
    Yes the R182 can be used. Both are Series 10 DPST thermostat controls wired R=W=B. You could also go with a two wire thermostat and use an R845 relay. You would drop the R red wire.
  • Skibum05Skibum05 Posts: 2Member
    Perfect! Thanks so much for confirming what I thought to be true. Yes, also realize I could "upgrade" to a 2-wire t-stat as an alternative.
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