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HELP!! Nozzles keep clogging

Ok here we go I had a issue with nozzles clogging and came to the conclusion to replace the tank and lines got that done new roth , pump strainer clean , when I clean out the draw assembly I always spray it out with carb/ parts cleaner I spray it in a little clear bowl , well there are tiny little black specs almost like dirt that appear to be the issue. The filters are all clean and somehow these specs find there way through! I know they are clogging it due to the fact I change with a new nozz and kaboom we run great for about 3-4 days what the hell is happening and what can I do!!! Could these be coming from parts in the pump? I'm at a loss so r the Tecs that come out I've had multiple ones and honestly I think all they know how to do is replace a nozzle and that's it! If there is anyone with opinions on these please let me know also if you are in the Leominster Ma area let me know I'm so sick of asking the wife because she gets home before me , " is the heat behaving?"


  • mgdesrochers
    mgdesrochers Member Posts: 20
    I agree with @Hatterasguy that the nozzle line filter is the way to go if you can't find the reason.
    You mentioned that you replaced the tank due to nozzles clogging; did you transfer the oil from the old tank to the new roth? Even with a new tank & lines, if you were having this problem before it is possible that the same contamination is still causing your headaches. I doubt that it is coming from the pump but stranger things have happened
  • wmechanic01
    wmechanic01 Member Posts: 26
    I thinking the same thing oil still contaminated I'm going to install a in line filter like suggested I had to order it at the supply store because they had none in stock I hope it helps!