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generate heat demand without thermostat

BoonBoon Posts: 237Member
I'm trying to put a user-friendly face on my boiler. As-is I have jumped SH1 to create the demand, I'm using the boiler's ODR/WWSD & constant circulation, and I have three thermostats & actuators connected to a Caleffi ZVR106 to limit the heat in each bedroom. I'm not using any other functions of the ZVR.

I'm looking to add some kind of control on the wall in the living space to make ODR adjustment easier AND generate the demand. The Tekmar 256 looks like it will put a pretty face on the ODR but I still need some kind of switch to generate the demand, something simple & clean looking.

Any suggestions on generating the demand or combining the ODR & demand?

DIY'er ... ripped out a perfectly good forced-air furnace and replaced it with hot water & radiators.


  • Simply RadSimply Rad Posts: 151Member

    I am not sure why you would want to adjust the ODR( I assume this means outdoor reset curve). Set it correctly and forget about it and allow your tstats to limit the high temps.

    Jeffrey Campbell
  • BoonBoon Posts: 237Member
    edited January 2017
    Thanks, You're right I don't really want to adjust it. While I was looking for the switch to generate a demand I found the 256 and it 'seemed like a good idea at the time,' as the kids say.

    So ... ok, I can ditch the need for adjusting the ODR curve but I'd still like a switch more elegant than a jumper on SH1. I guess I don't need the switch, either, since the jumper can stay on 24/7/365 since WWSD will override the call.

    The real driver of this search is that I don't know how a future owner/renter will deal with a jumper and no thermostat - that'll freak them out. I feel like I need to give them something to mess with. I can always leave them instructions but you know how people are... they want to touch things and mess with stuff.
    DIY'er ... ripped out a perfectly good forced-air furnace and replaced it with hot water & radiators.
  • ratioratio Posts: 2,036Member
    You can always install one of those new wireless thermostats. They work great, as long as you remember to change the batteries. I've fixed a few problem systems with wireless thermostats...
  • Paul48Paul48 Posts: 4,492Member
    My thinking......those are 2 entirely different scenarios. A new owner needs as much info as possible about the system. They can then choose to do as they wish with the system.

    A potential tenant should be made aware of the system, and that it functions automatically. You can offer to work with them, to assure their comfort, but giving them something to play with is a no-no. Removing walls and re-wiring breaker panels is also not permitted.
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