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Pulse not starting

danlbson Member Posts: 1
I have a Lennox Pulse that was installed in 1991. It has worked wonderfully for the past 26 years and I have had it serviced pretty regularly. This year it is having an issue with starting up when the temp drops below the set temp on the thermostat. I can go down and flip the power switch and thus far it has started up and heats the house till it shuts down again. This appears to be an intermittent problem also. I have changed the thermostat from a mercury switch type to a programmable. This appeared to work for a time but here I am wondering what is going on. Fortunately it has thus far started but I am afraid that this will not always be the case, and with the outside temperature in the negatives I need to fix this issue.


  • Tim McElwain
    Tim McElwain Member Posts: 4,608
    What is the Model number so I can look in the correct manual?
  • Rich_L
    Rich_L Member Posts: 81
    About 9 times out of 10, the symptoms you're describing are fixed with changing out the control board. On older Pulses they just tend to wear out though I don't know as though I've ever had one fail completely. Usually they do just exactly as you're describing. Boards are still available and every model Pulse uses the same board. The board stocked locally (NOT by the local Lennox dealer) is a Baso BGN891-1CJ. I get it from my local Johnstone Supply and their part number for it is L46-308.
  • mikemc
    mikemc Member Posts: 10
    true, it may be the board, but I would surely check the flame sensor first, as this is a much easier fix ($0) in parts usually, sanding sensor clean. but this furnace is well over 20 yrs old and you should expect to be doing plenty of repairs on this if you decide to keep it.
    If you drove your car as often as you use your furnace, you would be driving something like 20,000 miles a year. are you still driving the same car you drove in 1996? if so, it would have over 300,000 miles on by now......
    just a thought.
  • mikemc
    mikemc Member Posts: 10
    ooopps, I meant to say 600,000 miles