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347347 Posts: 96Member
I have a GB 142 with a replacement block (no warranty ). I'm doing radiant in a garage and some snow melt at a later date. I'd like to pipe the radiant manifolds directly to the boiler. I don't have the orginal Buderus manifold or low loss header. Im going to add a relief valve, gauge, on the outlet piping of the boiler. Install a circulator on the supply pipe and pump right into the manifold. Do you think I need to add the di electric unions to the compression adapters? Any problems with pumping direct besides maybe a larger circulator?


  • IronmanIronman Posts: 4,964Member
    Not as long as you maintain the flow rate required for the boiler and as long as it's one zone. When you add the snow melt, that will change and it will need to be piped p/s. Why not do it right to start with? Besides, 2 small circulators cost less than one large.

    You don't have to use the Buderus LLH. The Caleffi Sep4 is nice and provides 4 functions in one unit.
    Bob Boan

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