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I have 1 thermostat, 2 level house, my baseboards get hot and work fine on the first level but the baseboards on the 2nd level are cold, no water seems to get to them...please help


    JUGHNE Member Posts: 11,074
    What is the pressure and temperature indicated by the gauge on the boiler. A picture of the gauge and then of the boiler with piping would be good.
  • insurewithgreg
    insurewithgreg Member Posts: 3
    Pressure 23 psi...temp 200
  • Jamie Hall
    Jamie Hall Member Posts: 23,426
    Pressure's OK, temperature is perhaps a bit high. Is there any way to bleed the upstairs baseboards? Sounds like they are air bound.
    Br. Jamie, osb
    Building superintendent/caretaker, 7200 sq. ft. historic house museum with dependencies in New England
  • insurewithgreg
    insurewithgreg Member Posts: 3
    Im not sure...just sounds like there isn't any water getting to them
  • gschallert
    gschallert Member Posts: 170

    Im not sure...just sounds like there isn't any water getting to them

    Do your baseboard heaters look like the one in this video?

  • bob eck
    bob eck Member Posts: 930
    If the element is turned sideways the air will not flow through it and the element will not give up its heat to the room.
    Is there new carpet in the rooms that is to thick blocking air from going in the bottom of the baseboard and out the top as warm air?
    Can you bleed the air from the second floor baseboard?
    Are the dampers on the baseboard open?
    If one zone how many feet of element is on the system? What size pipe is supplying the system? How is it piped? One big loop?
    monoflow system? What is the water temp leaving the boiler and what is the return temp?
    Is the thermostat on the first floor to close to baseboard and thus turning the boiler off before the second floor gets warm?

  • GW
    GW Member Posts: 4,700
    Some of the pressure gauges are not accurate, seems odd there is no flow with 23 psi. Unless someone drained the system for some reason ane didn't purge the split loop
    Gary Wilson
    Wilson Services, Inc
    Northampton, MA