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nozzel on riello burner



  • cableman
    cableman Member Posts: 69
    edited January 2017
    Im an internet research junky! Im sure most techs dont want the customer telling them how to do their jobs, so i havnt said much to the 2 that came out. The others never returned calls.

    Most of this thread has been just asking questions before i actually installed the f3 which i only hooked up last friday 1/20

    The day i installed the f3, a friends petro guy did the 1st setup. Nice guy, i asked about pump pressure since it was used and an analyzer but i could see the adjustments he made was all he was gonna do. So i left it at that.
    Called a couple companys and no return call. Called an oil delivery company and they do use an analyzer.
    Again nice guy, real young and i didnt know what my numbers should read so i left it at that.

    To me it seems like the guys that know these and use correct eqipment are the ones who install them and not really the ones who service them. The guys who service them just clean and adjust by eye. I asked all my buds at work and other friends if they ever watched a tech use an electronic device that tells the effiency on which the boiler is running, they all said no. Vac, clean burner and change filter.

    As far as getting a contract i think they would drop me cauae i dont use enough of their fuel, that happened to bud at work. I am at 5/8th tank since last april.

    Goal was to just get it to burn the best and use least fuel. Im just a diy guy in the middle of rebuilding my 2nd house which has become a hobby in its self!

    I setup the burner as per the specs in the manuel, only the air was lowered from those specs so far. I think your right and i just need to find someone like yourself that is familiar with this burner and the outcome of the test.
    By underfired what exactly do you mean?

    Thanks again.