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Help in Relocation Baseboard - Proper Location

Redrum Member Posts: 126

Please see the attached sketch. I am engaged in a kitchen remodel, where I changed the layout of the some of cabinets from the East (right) interior wall, to the West (left) exterior wall. As a result, a 3' and 5' section of baseboard will need to be relocated. The easiest location from a piping perspective would be to put a 8' section along the wall (note under a window as well) at "Relocate A". My concern is that there is an area of the house (near "rear entrance", and that is a stair well also, to basement, landing, first and second floor, all open) and specifically at "Relocate B", that won't have nearby heat and might possibly be a bit chilly"??

One thought to address this might be to add a portion of the relocated baseboard (say 3') to the "Relocate B" area. But, that might be alot of piping.

Note that all is 1" and 3/4" copper, Boiler is a Buderus, and I already have 4 zones (basement, 1st and second floor, and there is a panel radiator on the "porch" (10' x 16' room off ot rear entrance).

I had thought that maybe I could install a small baseboard or panel radiator with Pex in location "B' to take the chill off, perhaps using a thermostatic valve for that location.

My basic question, outside of the ramble above, is if the actual location of the relocation matters, can I just relocate to "a"?



  • Jamie Hall
    Jamie Hall Member Posts: 21,092
    Don't know where you are, or how vicious your winters are -- but if it were mine, I'd want most of the heat at relocate A -- but I'd be awfully happy to have some at relocate B, too. True, more piping -- but better heat distribution in the spaces, and that, after all, is the objective of the exercise!
    Br. Jamie, osb
    Building superintendent/caretaker, 7200 sq. ft. historic house museum with dependencies in New England
  • Brewbeer
    Brewbeer Member Posts: 616
    You could probably just pick a panel radiator that has the same (or higher) output as 8 feet of baseboard and put it at "relocate b", and not bother with anything else at "relocate a" since that area is already pretty close to the 14 foot radiator in that room.
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    EBEBRATT-Ed Member Posts: 13,423
    What Jamie said is correct, howeaver, since it is a kitchen and has no seating area if you get enough baseboard in their to offset the heat loss your most likley will be fine, There are also toekick fan coils you can install under your cabinets
  • Redrum
    Redrum Member Posts: 126
    Jamie, BB, Ed;

    Jamie - Western New York, Lake effect both from Erie and Ontario, pretty nasty.

    Ed - there will be a small table located at B, but the penninsula is designed to be a eating area as well.

    Thank you all for your input. I had a previous layout of my piping runs, and overlaid it on my previous sketch (see attached, the piping is in green, arrows showing direction, "up" and "dn" comming out of into the basement).

    Relocating to "A" would be pretty easy. The baseboard to be relocated it the first in the line, so I could just move it to supply it from the boiler below, then to feed the second baseboard. In fact, if I wanted to create a corner baseboard I could as well.

    Also, as luck would have it, I could add a baseboard to B easily as well. The run has finished supplying the baseboards, and is on it's way back to the boiler (below the floor joists, and on the lucky for me side of the center beam). I could just T in to feed a baseboard.

    So, all of this good news brings up a number of questions. I have a pretty good understanding of the system, and have worked on my own (and parents) systems for years, but admittedly don't know alot of the engineering that the people that frequent this board do.


    1) It looks like I could add the 8' to A, and be done. Or I could add 5' to A, and 3' to B. One other option would be to add the 8' to A, and add 3' to B if I find it to be a bit more of a chilly area (there would be a 2 person table there).

    Due to the piping, the small register at B would get the coolest water (end of run). If I had an extra 3' in the loop (8' + 3'), would this be a problem with water temperature both in this last radiator and returning to the boiler? Note that I do note have the super high efficiency boiler, I have the step down (in performance) cast iron one.

    2) If I added the 3' to B (along with relocating the 5' or 8'), I assume that I would just put it in series with the rest of the baseboards, or, would there be another way I should consider?

    Again, I appreciate your thoughts,

    EBEBRATT-Ed Member Posts: 13,423
    An extra 3' of baseboard is only about 2000 btuh or less so this will not have any detrimental effect on the system. Just pipe it in with the other relocated baseboards
  • Redrum
    Redrum Member Posts: 126
    Thanks all, I thought to just relocate to the adjacent wall would be ok, but just wasn't sure, appreciate your thoughts and confirmation.
  • Redrum
    Redrum Member Posts: 126
    Hi, I thought I'd give this thread a bump because I am about to do the work (held off the relocate until it's essential - now).

    Please see my sketch in the OP. I have 8' baseboard on hand that I plan on attaching to the 11', via an elbow/corner configuration (relocate A), for a run of almost 20'.

    Then, after living with it for a bit, if I find it chillier in the kitchen area (relocate B), I'll add a small baseboard or panel radiator. The piping is relatively straightforward.

    This is just s sanity check. Anyone of you kind people see me doing something stupid that I am overlooking? I only hesitate because of 20' in one corner of an open area, with nothing in the adjacent corner/area.

    The upper left corner of the sketch, where the kitchen cabinets are, and baseboards are not, is the NW (where the weather comes from), and this is western new york. But, I just did a complete "to the studs" remodel and it's well insulated and sealed.

    Thank you
  • Redrum
    Redrum Member Posts: 126
    Hi, I did the relocate yesterday. I'll post later, once it gets colder, to comment on the evenness of the heat, just in case someone has the same question and stumbles on this thread. Thanks to all who commented. Jim