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need help to set up a tstat tstats questions baffle me

keyote Member Posts: 659
edited October 2016 in Thermostats and Controls
i have piped up a KHN085 to an indirect and a ch manifold with four zone valves. so far i have renovated the top floor of the four story building and installed four loops of radiant from a manifold per floor.I stupidly forgot to pull tstat wire for the two apts i built up there and since they was rented i used visionpro 8000 redlink in each with its own EIM and sensors.thats all set up and i had to set up the tstat as best i could guess to get it running and see that they came up on the app. But i would like to know if i chose the right settings on some that seemed mysterious.

It asked how many heat stages and i picked one stage. My guess is that if there is to be any staging i would want the robust KHN controls to set that up not a tstat, i figure 1 stage meant on off calls satisfied or open.

it asked the type of heat system and radiant was one choice but not knowing what it would do if it was told it was a radiant system i chose 'other' as the heating system type

it asked how many heating cycles per hour, i left it at 5 which seemed a lot but what do i know, it asked how many periods in a day i left it at 4 periods per day?

it asked if i wanted 'adaptive' which i gathered was a kind of smart thermostat setting that gets to understand say how long it takes to meet a call and maybe strts sooner or later -again i wasnt sure if it was something that might interfere with what the boiler was doing, though i can specifically think what. the boilers sophisticated and im using a dt pump

it asked me for the max heat setpoint which i figured meant the tstat setting of 68 degrees

it asked me for an indoor temp offset i left that at 0 not knowing what it meant

it asked me if i had wired sensors on the S terminal which i was pretty sure i dont ,well i dont but since i dont know what they would be i wondered if they were something i would be adding further into the project.

if it matters im temporarily setting this up so both these tstas can call for heat and the call wont close until both are met, originally i wanted every loop on an actuator and it became a problem of loads would be too small in fact im also ganging a cellar finn tube loop to open its zone valve when the top floor calls as a sort of buffer mass until the rest of house is on this boiler right now i will have the two middle floors on old cast iron system


  • keyote
    keyote Member Posts: 659
    well i jamned the two apts tstats into same zone on panel and it didnt explode of course they are powered by their own transformers but are communicating wirelessly so they are not hard wired to boiler or zone panel.
    so then i went ahead and combined the cellar and apts zone valves onto the same zone valve terminals and when one apt called for heat both valves opened. so i hope thats the solution im not sure if both were calling and one was satisfied first what will happen or if one was calling and then another called, i dont think it changes things but guess ill find out the hard way
  • ratio
    ratio Member Posts: 3,336
    Heat stages should be 1, heat on, or heat off.

    The heat type probably just sets up defaults, I don't see a reason to not set it to radiant.

    Cycles per hour will probably change to 1 or 2 if you set the heat type to radiant. There are a number of threads that discuss cycles per hour, you should read them.

    Periods per day are the number of times that the temperature can set back, 4 is residential (wake, leave, return, bed). It can be set to two, or set to zero, i.e. non programmable. if you are using ODR, I suggest non-programmable. There 's currently a thread that is discussing radiant setback, you should read it.

    Max heating setpoint is the highest setpoint the thermostat will allow--68 means the heat can't be set higher than 68. I usually set it at 80 to minimize callbacks, but a smaller number may serve.

    indoor offset it just an adjustment of the displayed temperature. (Sometimes that's all it takes to fix a no heat!)

    If you didn't wire a sensor on the S1 & S2 terminals, you don't have a wired sensor on the S terminals. An outdoor sensor is available, as are two indoor sensors, allowing averaging a not-a-perfect-square number of sensors. If an outdoor sensor is wanted, a RedLINK sensor will broadcast the outdoor temp & humidity to any RedLINK stats that can hear it.

  • keyote
    keyote Member Posts: 659
    thanks ratio that was a great help been wondering why i couldnt raise the call temp on the app above 68. i will find those threads