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For Old Heating System Sleuths

Looked at a 2-piper today. Big 4 Square house from 1914. I don't know why, but I never feel comfortable working with a system until I understand how it started out originally and what changes happened along the way. Mysteries drive me nuts. Before I found you guys, I was almost insane.

And for that reason, finished basements drive me nuts. Which is what I have in this case.

It's a beautiful house that seems largely intact. Two-pipe system as previous stated. But none of the radiators match, though the traps all do (Webster). Not even on the first floor in the main rooms do they match. No signs of any heating system prior to the existing.

And then we have this:

It's a steam heat exchanger with a blower and 3 ducts to three floor vents, one in the parlor, one in the front foyer and one in the 2nd floor master bedroom. It was important enough to install that a door behind the unit was walled over so as to allow it's installation. The 3 rooms with the floor grates have massive radiation, so why?

The unit is disconnected, probably has been for a very long time, and is not of any import beyond being a possible piece of the puzzle that this house represents. My customer purchased the home over the summer so there is no history.

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