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Condensing boiler condensate flow

steamfitter Member Posts: 156
A foreman on a large construction project as me:
Can you gauge the efficiency of a Condensing Boiler by checking the flow rate of the condensate?
He said that the engineer wanted to see the flow between the boiler and the neutralizer, thereby requiring some clear piping to visually see the condensate flow into the neutralizer.
Never heard of this. Would humidity and outdoor temp. effect the rate of condensate? Can this really be measured to a point where an efficiency calculation can be made?
I'm thinking you have to have something to relate it (compare it) to.
Any thoughts?


  • Henry
    Henry Member Posts: 988
    On average, 1 gallon per hour per 100K BTU
  • Firecontrol933
    Firecontrol933 Member Posts: 73
    Everything can be measured and calculated if you know the exact values of all the variables. I'm thinking the engineer isn't looking to measure anything, just wants a visual of the condensate for "diagnostic" reasons. IE: If the boiler is firing and it should be condensing, yet you see no condensate that means something is wrong. Or if you see particulate matter/dirt flowing through with the condensate that could indicate a need to investigate further.
  • Jack
    Jack Member Posts: 1,045
    The problem with clear vinyl tubing is that it soon looks really manke. How about an indirect drain air gap instead.