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energy source trade off

hot_rodhot_rod Member Posts: 14,357
With the steady decline of coal as an energy source in the US, is natural gas via fracking a wise trade-off? How many years until we know all the implications of fracking?
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  • STEVEusaPASTEVEusaPA Member Posts: 4,712
    I think some logical thinking implies fracking will destroy the water table, the water shed, and the collateral damage will be devastating to the planet. Smart countries, that don't take corruption money, and understand (care?) about the planet have banned it, focusing on safer alternatives.
  • Paul S_3Paul S_3 Member Posts: 1,257
    I do not know too much about it....but a wise trade off? Definitely still destoys the environment....doesnt it involve harmful chemicals that spill into the groundwater and contaminate drinking water?
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  • Paul48Paul48 Member Posts: 4,492
    edited April 2016
    I watched a TV show, and they were on an island. There was no trees left on the island, because the natives had burned them all to make charcoal. I'm afraid, the human inhabitants of this planet are like a cancer to it. Our time on this planet is limited, and we will eventually go the way of the dinosaurs. I suppose what will be left, and what will evolve, will be well suited to living on barren islands.

    That's not an endorsement of our practices. It's merely an observation.
  • Sal SantamauraSal Santamaura Member Posts: 319
    hot rod said:

    ...How many years until we know all the implications of fracking?...

    Zero years -- we know now. Just ask all the shaken up residents of Oklahoma and Texas who practically hadn't heard of earthquakes before wastewater from the fracking boom was disposed of via numerous deep injection wells in those areas.
  • Big-DBig-D Member Posts: 21
    I wish I had a crystal ball on the energy futures. There is 8000 years of coal in the ground and 700 years of natural Gas if we consume at the same rate today. Natural gas will increase in cost many times fold due to power plants converting from coal. Sorry but solar power will never be a main energy source but one that is needed in the energy portfolio. Fracking is a slippery slope. A different administration in the WH is a game changer with the energy industry. Grab your popcorn and watch the game play out with our politicians and the EPA.
  • JackJack Member Posts: 1,045
    Since the '72 Oil Embargo we have gone, "Energy, Energy, Energy" Today and going forward the world over it is "Water, Water, Water" Preserve and protect ground water. Pumping chemicals into ground water is kinda bizarre.
  • 4Johnpipe4Johnpipe Member Posts: 479
    Yeah you would think it's a no brainer! Like why would we even have to ask that question!
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  • jumperjumper Member Posts: 1,563
    Fracking has gone on for decades.Where are the disasters?

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