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Vintage sink parts? Where to find them

Steve_in_NHSteve_in_NH Member Posts: 60
I have a vintage American standard sink that needs some maintenance. I'm having trouble finding replacement parts. The drain plug is rusted away and the hot water faucet drips.


  • Steve_in_NHSteve_in_NH Member Posts: 60
  • vaporvacvaporvac Member Posts: 1,520
    Beautiful sink and taps. Won't a washer do the trick?
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  • Eric_32Eric_32 Member Posts: 264
    Unfortunately, as far as I know there aren't too many choices out there for those type of sinks. And there were tons of them out there, you'd think American Standard would still make a faucet for them. The one I've found is the Central Brass CTB 1036. It doesn't come with the pop up but is a pretty good faucet. Does that sink have part of the pop up built into the china? or does it take a standard pop up drain.

    Take a picture of the inside back of the sink how that (side to side pop up knob) connects to the drain.

    IF there is a model number of the sink on the under side of the bowl, which many times there was somewhere, you could search that model and find out what brand the sink is, call them and tell them your looking for parts for the faucet/drain, and see what they say. Maybe they still have parts but just don't advertise it.

  • khkileykhkiley Member Posts: 16
    You could try these guys:

    Huge selection of NOS parts, remanufactured parts and new and restored vintage plumbing.

  • Steve_in_NHSteve_in_NH Member Posts: 60
    Thanks guys. I didn't find what I was looking for on any of those sites but I have found a site that sells them. I can also purchase my Gorton #2 from them cheaper then supply house.
  • Eric_32Eric_32 Member Posts: 264
    well... you have to share the site silly... what did you find NOS?
  • ChrisJChrisJ Member Posts: 11,268
    The house I grew up in had two of those sinks and one was still there when it was sold in 2006. I remember mixing shampoo in the water as a kid and it would cause suds to come out of the overflow slots. :)

    That drain pluig was copper or brass from what I recall. Was a cylinder with slots in it for the water to go in.
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  • SWEISWEI Member Posts: 7,356
    If you do decide to replace the faucet, Kohler sells a quality modern washerless faucet that fits shelf-back sinks (though only for 5-1/2" hole centers.) Check out the Triton K-8040, K-8046, and K-8052 models. Not cheap, but very well built. We had about 80 sinks with 6" centers on a job awhile back on which we used the Central Brass 1177-A. They do have compression washers, but they cost about 1/3rd of what the Kohlers do.
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