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Camera for job pics

Steve MinnichSteve Minnich Posts: 2,200Member
These last few years I've been using my iPhone for job pics and, for the most part, does the job. But when trying to get the entire boiler room in one frame, it's not very useful. In the past, I've used everything from Polaroids to inexpensive digital cameras. I still have an old Canon AE-1 around here somewhere but that would be more trouble than its worth.

I'd like something that's rugged, able to take wide angle and zoom shots, blue tooth, and not a ton of money?

Any suggestions?

I take pictures of every job I look at it. I also take a lot of notes. The pictures fill in the blanks left in my notes. : )
Steve Minnich


  • SWEISWEI Posts: 7,356Member
    Haven't looked in a couple of years, but anything wider than a 28mm (in 35mm equivalent focal lengths) is quite rare for a fixed lens digicam. There have been a handful with 24mm equivalents over the years, but they seem to come and go.
  • rick in Alaskarick in Alaska Posts: 793Member
    Not sure if this is what you need, but my current I-phone 5 has panoramic on it, along with video. Both can be very helpful.
    P.s. I don't know about others, but I use my I-phone camera almost every day not just for keeping track of job photos, but taking pictures in wall cavities, around hidden pipes, and serial numbers. Sure is nice when you have a serial number on the side of the unit with no clearance, and the numbers are small. Shoot the picture, then blow it up to read it. Helpful with my old eyes.
  • SWEISWEI Posts: 7,356Member
    edited July 2015
    I have also been using the phone camera to read serial numbers. Better than reading glasses.

    Just recently started keeping a copy (reduced size JPEG) in the job folder. Comes in handy when you need warranty support.
  • Steve MinnichSteve Minnich Posts: 2,200Member
    @Rick - I didn't even know iPhone had that option. I'll have to check that out. Thanks. My eyes are terrible. I wear contact lenses and have to use cheaters on top of that.
    Steve Minnich
  • Paul48Paul48 Posts: 4,492Member
    My Nikon has a panarama setting, and it came with panarama assist software. Really slick.....Just start shooting while you step across what you want in the picture. The program stitches it together seamlessly.
  • hot_rodhot_rod Posts: 11,004Member
    My I-pad takes a nice picture. You should be able to find panoramic apps for them also.
    Bob "hot rod" Rohr
    trainer for Caleffi NA
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  • JohnNYJohnNY Posts: 2,168Member
    I use a Nikon D750 with 24-70mm/2.8 lens

    Works pretty good...
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  • Paul48Paul48 Posts: 4,492Member
    edited July 2015
    This was stitched from about 6 photos. Nikon has some Coolpix models that are not expensive. They're wi-fi, and have all the features you could possibly need. I don't know if it would pass a "bounce-test" though. :smile:
  • RobGRobG Posts: 1,850Member
    Paul48 said:

    This was stitched from about 6 photos. Nikon has some Coolpix models that are not expensive. They're wi-fi, and have all the features you could possibly need. I don't know if it would pass a "bounce-test" though. :smile:

    Cool, it looks pretty seamless. How does it work?
  • ChrisJChrisJ Posts: 9,421Member
    For someone bringing a camera on the job my first thought is something like this.

    An expensive DSLR would make me nervous as would any camera above $500 in those conditions.

    That one is $210 if you can deal with purple. ;)

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  • Paul48Paul48 Posts: 4,492Member
    Rob...The camera has panorama assist and comes with software. You literally just click away as you pan across whatever you're shooting. I suppose you could shoot a 3-wall install.
  • SWEISWEI Posts: 7,356Member
    Those WG series cameras are awesome for closeups. I know a forensic engineer who swears by them. The low-light focusing issue does make me pause, however.
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