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Leaking Radiator Valves

Hi All, The knob on my radiator valve has sized. When I went to turn it, it unscrewed from the base. I tightened the valve piece back into the but steam and water escapes. I am now having to refill the boiler on a much more regular basis. Besides replacing the entire valve, which is a job I would rather not tackle at the moment because of the weather. Does anyone have any suggestions? Can I replace the portion that is being unscrewed or remove the piece, clean it, apply pipe dope and hope it recreates a seal? Additionally, I've called local steam heat professionals but they all appear to be very busy to take on this job. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


  • AbracadabraAbracadabra Posts: 1,948Member
    sounds like the stem broke off. If that's the case, you'll have to replace the valve. As a temporary measure you might want to get creative with some JB Weld. Dont' use any pipe dope, as the oils will get back to the boiler and you'll have to do some skimming.
  • Maybe it is the valve bonnet which has become unscrewed.
    Post a picture so we can see.
    The bonnet can be reinstalled.--NBC
  • hwangnychwangnyc Posts: 18Member
    Thanks NBC, turns out the shut off valve was sized and I ended up unscrewing the valve and the base from the union! I turned off the heat, applied some plumbers tape with some pipe dope
  • Usually, when the valve will not turn off or on, it is the packing nut which needs to be loosened, and then tightened up, when it has been turned.--NBC
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