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Fujitsu RLS2 clicking noises

Ok here is the issue I'm faced with... I've installed 27 Fujitsu rls2 (all sizes 9,12,15) and for the most part they have been great. I'm a one man shop up here north of bangor, ME. Out of the 27 units I've installed I just recently gotten called back on 3 separate units by 3 customers 2-15RLS2 and a 12RLS2 all for the same issue of a clicking noise when the front cover on the air handler opens or closes. After checking out the units I've determined it's the gear on the cover.
I have been searching for a part number on that gear, supply house never got back to me yet with part number. I would like to know or would like to hear of anyone else with a similar issue that has experience with these units. I'm worried that this maybe a design issue (weak gear on shaft) . I've talk to the salesman at my supplier and he has not heard of any problems with the covers. I took the salesman/rep on a site and he also confirmed the gear is skipping, that's when he was suppose to get me a replacement part and part number. Still waiting on that.
Thanks for any input.


  • JackJack Member Posts: 1,044
    I have one each of those units in my home. The 12 is coming up on 4 yrs old the 15 will be 2 soon. Mine have not made a clicking noise. The 12 wouldn't close for a while, but I'll take credit for that. In other words, improper installation of the cover and lid after a cleaning. With 3 doing the same thing I think I'd kick it upstairs to see if this is a common fault. Call SRGI at 508 822-3939 or Fujitsu Tech at 888 888-3424
  • AbracadabraAbracadabra Member Posts: 1,948
    I'd be concerned that homeowner tried to lift cover manually? I've installed several rls2 units with no clicking gear problems.
  • NJ, DesignerNJ, Designer Member Posts: 53
    If I'm not mistaken they discontinued that model for that reason.
    I was looking in to them and was told by the training course that they had too many problems with the cover and there for they discontinued them, LG makes a nicer picture frame wall mount unit and was told to keep away for the same reason...
    Basically these units are good @ heating and cooling. not fine mechanical gearing....

    Go to sign up for access and they have all the manuals easily accessible there. I could try to post some but there so many, let me know if you want me to...
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