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Copper sizing for propane install

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sizing for a 40 gal hot water heater 70 feet from tank, need to feed a cooking stove, and average clothes dryer and leave a t for future outdoor bbq.


  • hatchet
    hatchet Member Posts: 10
  • Ironman
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    hatchet said:


    @hatchet: how can you give a line size when the OP didn't state whether it was the high pressure, medium pressure or low pressure line? He also did not state what the future load for the outdoor bldg. would be. All these unknowns would be necessary to make a correct determination.

    Bob Boan
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  • hatchet
    hatchet Member Posts: 10
    Oops, I accidentally hit post before I was done. Add, it's depending on the total BTU requirements for the stove, water heater, BBQ & dryer. Knowing outgoing pressure is also important. Undiluted Propane with inlet pressure of 11" in w.c., pressure drop of 0.5 and specific gravity of 1.50 at 80ft. 3/4" steel pipe will give you 212,000 btu per hour.
    If your btu demand is higher than 212, and, there is an excessive amount of bends in system, you might have to be at 1" .
  • add
    add Member Posts: 94
    Thank you, I do not have the tot of all btu of all appliances,running the gas line as a favor to a friend. I will keep the bends to a minimum. I am thinking of running a direct line in 3/4 csst to HWH tee-ing off the main line to stove , dryer and bbq.there is no tank there yet, is a small house being remodeled.

  • Robert O'Connor_12
    Robert O'Connor_12 Member Posts: 728
    You MUST find out the load, pressure drop AND the pressure at the outlet of the regulator. Also, using CSST would negate using 3/4 inch. There is a lot of restriction through CSST than in black steel pipe.
    Not having the Propane chart in front of me, I can tell you it's (I'm estimating) almost half of what steel is.
    Be careful what your fooling with there fella....
  • icesailor
    icesailor Member Posts: 7,265
    Do you have a CSST certification? You should have gotten a book with the class. The three ways to do it are in the manual and how to size it.

    There's a lot more to it than you have outlined.
  • Tim Potter
    Tim Potter Member Posts: 272
    I Recently added propane to our lake house. We have a 500gal above ground tank. After the 1st regulator, They ran a 3/4" yellow jacketed copper through a 1-1/4" conduit that i had buried underground to house. At the house, it transitions to 3/4 Black Iron - 25' & (4) 90* els - to 2nd regulator. After regulator, they used a bell transition to go to 1" Black Iron. 2 x 1/2 tees outside for grill & any additional needs, 1 more 90* then inside for about a 6' Branch to feed all inside needs including A 3/4" line to our 199,000 btu tankless, 1/2" to future Dryer, 1/2" to future stove, 1/2" to Garage & 3/4" to future gas furnace Hookup for when the HeatPump goes.
    Winter Park, CO & Lenexa, KS
  • Weezbo
    Weezbo Member Posts: 6,232
    While not rocket science gas line distribution is something determined by formulas. what you are asking is can something designed for one thing be modified arbitrarily. short answer NO . do not even Think about that. You need someone with the advantage of a book. unless you carry the formulas around in your head for pipe sizes and lengths over 200 feet long then i will concede that by also knowing a variety of other information you could get it right.
    the very few walking who have these stored in their brain through photo graphic memory would still likely resort to a book when designing the new modifications.

    Thats my 2 cents.

    hope you clearly understand . hire someone who has some gas fitting experience with a licence to back that up. you might not have to die from your efforts that way.
  • add
    add Member Posts: 94
    Hi everyone there, Thanks for all the replies. Sorry I've been busy there for a while and I haven't logged in for while.
    Icesailor you know what, they did not give me a book with the csst certification!!!
    As far of this gas line job, one of our propane gas man told me to run everything in 3/4 black pipe starting off from a manifold, and so I did 2 years later and 2 winters later everything is working fine and they are happy ,the technician from the propane company who came and test the lines and hook up the tank and regulator was impressed , and said not bad for an oil burner technician. They only call me to tune up the oil burner unit, and yesterday their Fathers day BBQ was good.( I happen to be there!)
    Thank you all for your Help and concern.