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Looking for Plumber: Oil to Gas Conversion in Lower Westchester, NY

NYMichael Member Posts: 8
Hi, I'm looking for plumber for oil to gas conversion. I live in lower Westchester, NY. There is no gas line in the house at the moment but the gas company will run it from street to my house for free. Would appreciate any recommendations.


  • Steamhead
    Steamhead Member Posts: 15,988
    Have you tried the Find a Contractor page, accessible thru the main site?
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  • NYMichael
    NYMichael Member Posts: 8
    Yes but I'm not really sure how good they are. I suppose they pay to show up in the search...
  • jerryjjj
    jerryjjj Member Posts: 18
    I just hired a company to replace my gas fire boiler. They are licensed and specialized in oil to gas conversion. I am going to get my installation soon and then I can tell you if they do a good job. Not sure if they will come to lower Westchester though.
  • NYMichael
    NYMichael Member Posts: 8
    Thx jerryjjj. Yes would appreciate any feedback from you. Most of guys I talked to requires 50%+ down before anything has been done. What percent did you pay upfront? Honestly I'm not a big fan of this setup. My concern is that when people get your money, they have no motivation to get the job done on time.
  • Bob Bona_4
    Bob Bona_4 Member Posts: 2,083
    All about trust, guys. If the signed agreement stipulates payment terms, both parties have to abide.
  • NYMichael
    NYMichael Member Posts: 8
    Bob Bona said:

    All about trust, guys. If the signed agreement stipulates payment terms, both parties have to abide.

    Yeah agree it's all about trust. Then why not pay after work is done? I doubt home owner will not pay if the work is done as expected. Plus the plumber knows where the home owner lives...
  • rrwitherspoon
    rrwitherspoon Member Posts: 104
    Oil to gas conversion on one pipe steam?
  • rrwitherspoon
    rrwitherspoon Member Posts: 104
    I had that done in 2006 and I hired Bruni and Campisi.Doug is an expert at sizing radiators to calculate the size of new boiler.Jack did precision piping unbelievably well.They recc
    Stainless steel flue liner install and upgraded the size gas service to adequacy .They did good job for me but it was pricey.Took Con ed forever to finish though I think i was without hot water for a while because I have indirect water heater
  • Rich_49
    Rich_49 Member Posts: 2,721
    NY Mike ,

    Not sure if you were aware of this but contractors are not paid on a regular basis historically . they are also not banks and should not finance your job in hopes of getting paid after it is done . 50% deposit is customary and fair , then at least when the homeowner decides not to pay because the contractor really has no remedy we can at least pay the supply house and labor force and continue to feed our families . Nothing personal , I am sure you are a stand up guy but you would not believe the level of scumbag that exists . One other thing , if the contractor has advertised here , odds are he is upstanding . The bad plumbers and heating / cooling contractors don't regularly frequent this site . They might learn something .
    You didn't get what you didn't pay for and it will never be what you thought it would .
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