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Christmas list

Since I have been a moderately good boy this year I am requesting the following items from Santa, either under the tree, or even better, on the boiler:
1. A wireless thermostat, with remote temperature sensors, able to connect with the boiler, either wirelessly, or through the house wiring (think old Radio Shack plug and talk intercoms). Some buildings have too much stone and brick to get a clear signal from one end to another. The sensors should be able to be averaged, or used singly as a high limit.
2. A piping arangement on the equalizer, and returns which acts as an oil trap (auto-skimmer). If every hour of firing, it separated out 1% of the surface oils, in a few weeks, the water would be clean. Piped in conjunction with the float type lwco, the oil would be emptied with every flush.
3. An idiot light for every safety on the boiler, to indicate which one is locking the burner out.
4. Main vents, with a visible open-closed indicator.
has anyone got some other items for his list?--NBC


  • General
    General Member Posts: 120
    Sounds reasonable to me....
  • Ba11zooka
    Ba11zooka Member Posts: 7
    Wirelessly controlled radiator vents, tied into the aforementioned wireless thermostat, coupled with a sophisticated algorithm to allow the system to self-balance the venting rates to synchronize steam at the rads or allow for focusing heat in rooms needing heat on the fly.
  • Good idea!
    Let's hope the elves are starting their work right now.
    I know that I will be paying particular attention to "Santa Tracker", on the NORAD radar system. Let's hope He doesn't get buzzed by those troublesome Russian Bombers, testing the system for accuracy, (just like Oresident Putin to Grinch up Christmas!--NBC
  • KC_Jones
    KC_Jones Member Posts: 4,625
    Now here is the question I have. Does santa do the install or do you? I personally just want the "stuff" so I can do my own installation. Never know Santa might be a knucklehead. :)
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  • No he is an expert, and a regular contributor here under an assumed name-beginning with "S"--NBC
  • RobG
    RobG Member Posts: 1,850

    No he is an expert, and a regular contributor here under an assumed name-beginning with "S"--NBC

    He's not a dead man but he is getting up there in years. :)
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