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Carbon Monoxide Detector

Hi. Our carbon monoxide detector is going off after our oven is on for many hours straight. One time the fire dept. came and did a reading and said that they did not detect any unsafe levels. Is anyone able to please give us advice as to what the possible cause can be? Our plumber said that we should post the question here as there are many knowledgeable people here. Any help will be greatly appreciated!


  • Tim McElwain
    Tim McElwain Member Posts: 4,621
    Why is the oven on for many hours straight? What level of PPM does the CO detector register? Do you have an vent hood above the range? Make sure that all around under the stove and on the bottom that the air is not blocked off.

    What Make and Model is the gas stove? How old is the stove?
  • DuggieFresh5
    DuggieFresh5 Member Posts: 48
    How old is the CO detector? I believe they expire much like smoke detectors. Might be worth checking the mfg info on the unit.

    Whatever the fire dept is using is likely much more sensitive than an off the shelf residential unit.
  • Lance
    Lance Member Posts: 270
    Any gas burner like all burners can be adjusted to burn clean. If the gas pressure, fuel air ratio is wrong this can happen. Also if all the Oxygen is used up like in a small area it will make CO. Also some CO detectors are flawed in that they accumulate small amounts ( legal amounts) and then total them to sound the alarm. Some are just flawed. Make sure the appliance is tested. Yes it can make 30 PPM parts per million and pass but accumulation of low amounts over a long time is still not good. It can accumulate in your hemoglobin and make you sick. Some report flue like symptoms, headaches etc. If you feel sick and it goes away when on vacation or you quit using the appliance you need to fix it. There are many good residential detectors out there. Just make sure they are not too old. Our people carry detectors with them all the time. We can hurt if working around bad CO levels. All gas appliances should only be installed and checked by a licensed gas fitter. PS. We have followed fire departments and they can get it wrong sometimes to. Any fossil fuel combustion can create CO. Any fire starved for Oxygen will create CO.
  • Bob Harper
    Bob Harper Member Posts: 1,035
    UL listed CO alarms do not provide adequate protection. If one sounds, that means you already have CO poisoning--10%COHb, which is the medical definition of CO poisoning. Get an unlisted CO monitor and get a pro to conduct combustion analysis.