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In series Heat pump WH 50g and two electic 80 gallons

Hi I have a Question, I am trying to separate my Water heater from my oil furnace, oil furnace currently heating a 6 unit apartment and hot water for the building, indirect tank

I was wondering If you can tell me if this would work or not and why?

I would like to disconnect and trow out the old 70 gallon indirect tank that seems to be leaking its 10 years old needs to go either way.

in its place I would like to install inline first Electrolux Model # EE66WP30PS which is designed to extract heat from the air down to 32 deg 20 deg programmable and then down stream of this I would like to install 2, 80 Gallon wirlpool Model #: ES80H123-45D

In my thoughts The heat pump unit would do most of the work and not last as long as the other 2, I think the 2nd and 3rd tank would be basically hot storage with heating capability that would not often be needed will this work or not and why?

is this too much capacity or too little? Should I take out 1 unit or add a 3rd??

The reason for this is I am trying a way to eventually get off the oil.

If this works then I will explore something for the heating of the building 5000 sf in Ma


  • Zman
    Zman Member Posts: 7,573

    I think you first need to get a grip on your hot water needs. You can do this by either (or both) counting the fixtures and there flow rates or determining what you have now, that is working, and duplicate it. If you post the make and model of your existing indirect tank and the BTU rating of your boiler(furnaces heat air) that would help.

    You then need to consider the local fuel availability and costs in your area and make9 a long term plan. I would be surprised if electric is much cheaper than oil. Do you have nat. Gas?

    Tanks in series are ugly from a design point of view.
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  • hot_rod
    hot_rod Member Posts: 22,262
    Read all the specs

    On the hpwh mainly recovery rate and room size where it will be located

    If you have access to off peak electricity possibly a large insulated tank to store the daytime dump load would have the lowest operating cost.

    As Carl mentioned, you need to nail down the actual consumption number
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