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Compressor contactor.

I replaced the CC on a RTU . The original CC was 3p, 24v coil, 25a inductive, w/ screw connections on both the  line and load sides. On board I had a contactor , that had "screw in lug connections"( stripped back wire in the lug) . I removed the screws & lugs. Then I put a steel washer in ,under the screw head, to take up the "space" in the screw size vs. the "ring crimp connector " size. Will there be a problem w/ steel washer and the "not steel" screw of the contactor? Will the screw loosen up due to different rates of heat expansion?


  • Spence
    Spence Member Posts: 316

    I would think the washer and the wire will not be happy together for very long. I would get all back to original. The other benefit will be your bumper will stop vibrating.
  • meplumber
    meplumber Member Posts: 678

    I have done similar things to older contactors when I didn't have the exact replacement on the van.  Haven't had a call back yet for a loose connection.  On our annual PM's we always check the contactors, so maybe they are loosening just not enough to cause a problem.

    I wouldn't worry about it.  On a rare occasion when I didn't like the way everything was fitting together, I will throw the correct contactor on the van and change it out on my next trip to the area.

    Good Luck
  • Harvey Ramer
    Harvey Ramer Member Posts: 2,225
    edited May 2014
    What I do

    In a situation like that, I normally cut the ring crimp off the end of the wire, strip back the stranded wire, fill the end of the stranded wire with electrical solder and tighten the lug screw down on the now rigid wire. The lug should have markings indicating the minimum wire size allowable.

    There should not be a problem with the brass screw versus steel washer as far as heat is concerned however, there will likely be a corrosion problem.

  • icesailor
    icesailor Member Posts: 7,265

    Small stainless steel washers are a beautiful thing. They don't rust. If you need something that isn't going to rust, brass is out of the question because of the high cost. Stainless is the choice. Only buy stainless washers in the two small sizes that you run into and never worry again.