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Old gas boiler using a lot of gas. How to adjust temps?

Caleb Member Posts: 22
I bought a multifamily house with a Burnam Oil Boiler and a Repco Gas boiler for the 2 floors, and the Repco seems pretty old. The sticker says 1981, and there is a burn mark on the side of the boiler. The tenant noted there was a pretty high gas bill last month, so I started watching it. I see the temperature gauge swing from 140 deg F to 180F then the Taco pump turns on.. but the burner fires quite often. I looked at the oil burner and it had temp adjustments set at 160 to 180 F, or 20 deg delta T, would it help if I tighten that up on the gas burner? Problem is the Honeywell control doesn't have any recognizable adjustment to me.. I attached a few photos. Should I be doing something else to get the system working more efficiently? (i already insulated all the pipes in the basement to try to keep more heat in)

Secondly, there are rebates in the state of Rhode Island for efficient gas boilers. Should I be looking into getting a new boiler this year? the 95% ones are 1500 rebate, 90% ones $1000 rebate. I like the plastic exhaust and longer pipe length allowable of 95% boilers, but is it worth changing? I know these old 80% eff boilers will last 30 years as this one has, and I don't want to mess with them often.. what is best low-maintenence solution?

Lastly, there are rebate for instant domestic hot water also. Should I get a combi boiler or separate units if I can get $800 rebate on a tankless gas heater as well? Again, I will pay more now if I can rest assured later I don't have to mess with it. (Currently I have separate gas 50gal tank water heater)

Thanks for hearing me out. This is new stuff to me now being a homeowner in New England..



  • Tim McElwain
    Tim McElwain Member Posts: 4,481
    The pictures show are of a

    L8148E Aqua-stat Relay. This relay has a Hi-limit only which is probably set for around 180 degrees. It is what is called a cold start system. What should be happening (unless there are some controls we are not seeing) when the thermostat calls the burner and circulator should come on together and run until the call for heat is satisfied. If the system goes off on limit while the call for heat still exists the circulator should keep running.

    I am located in RI and if you are interested have someone who could look at your system. Call me at 401-437-0557.
  • Caleb
    Caleb Member Posts: 22
    summer shutoff?

    This gas boiler has something running all the time.. can't tell if its a pump running or just the sound of the pilot light. The 3 way selector switch (OFF / PILOT / ON) is set to ON. Can I shut it off for the summer since I don't need any part of this boiler or 4 months or so? Also there is electrical light-switch that I can switch OFF.. Can I shutoff the gas supply line as well?

  • Tim McElwain
    Tim McElwain Member Posts: 4,481
    Just shut

    the switch off. Leave the pilot on as it keeps the equipment dry and actually prolongs the life of the equipment.