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Can find a Pilot Gas valve info for a back up replacement in case of future failure

rrg Member Posts: 37

I can't find an exact replacement to store as a backup of the pilot gas valve 750mv system number Model 36C03U Type 319 I have today.

I see a model 36C03U-333 everywhere that is described as a White-Rodgers 36C03U-333 750 mV Fast Open Standing Pilot Gas Valve.

What is the difference the -319 vs -333 if anyone knows?



  • Double D
    Double D Member Posts: 441

    The valve should work so long as the action is matched. The difference may only be in the taps. Compare the 333 to the 319 you have.The 333 is the replacement valve. What type of equipment is this valve installed on. Do you have a name & model number?

  • rrg
    rrg Member Posts: 37
    edited February 2014
    Here is a pic of what I have TYPE 319 Gas valve

    Here is the pic of what I have.

    MODEL 36C03U Type 319

    Use with Pilot Generator

    MAX PR 1/2 PSI.

    Filter Cap.2 C.F.H. Air

    REG. 3.5" W.C.

    REG Range 2.5" W.C. To 5.0" W.C.


    Boiler is:

    Butica Boilers

    Model PEG-112AS 1


    In the brochure I notice the -333 comes in a 750mv and the Universal -433 is also a 750mv.

    The brochure is very helpfull, I need to determine exactly what pipe size is going in and out of the value. I think it's 1/2 in and 1/2 out.
  • Double D
    Double D Member Posts: 441
    333 or 433 will work

    In your picture, the inlet looks like 1/2". The outlet looks like it's 3/4" but I don't have a clear enough view. Both of these valves come with reducing bushings to get you connected to the manifold and gas line. You only need to use the 333 but the 433 will also work.
  • rrg
    rrg Member Posts: 37
    I'm on the search for -333

    I put in a "Follow this search" on ebay and will keep on eye out for a new cheap 333.

  • Choice

    Do you want it cheap, or working?--NBC
  • rrg
    rrg Member Posts: 37
    Both as this is a back up

    I will test everything out in the spring /summer time after I find one..

    If you do a completed sales on ebay you will see there are many that sell new for less.

    I have no need for one now but after 19yrs in this house it's time to keep a backup handy.

    I also keep an extra thermopile, burner tubes and extra glass(s) gauge tubes.

    Back up redundancy in mission critical systems. That's the idea.