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Are the F and T traps in the right place?

Awhile back a contractor told us that some of the F and T traps were improperly placed. Since then, other contractors have been in, but none mentioned it. With all the other problems our system has, I had not thought too much about it until now.

Are the second set of traps improperly placed?

I have provided a pdf with photos and details on the system.


  • Double D
    Double D Member Posts: 442
    Different components

    The top picture is an F&T with a WYE strainer on the left.  http://www.statesupply.com/steam-traps/illinois/id1015

    The bottom picture shows 3 WYE strainers.


    So long as the screen is on the down side, WYE strainers can be installed vertical or horizontal.

  • HoyteKing
    HoyteKing Member Posts: 85
    one less problem now

    Thank you for the response. That is one less problem to worry about. All that is left is getting venting to the mains, a header return installed, and maybe some different vents on some radiators.
    RDSTEAM Member Posts: 134

    Should also put some ball valves on those strainers so you can also blow em out.
  • HoyteKing
    HoyteKing Member Posts: 85
    added to the list

    Thank you for the advice. It has been added to a long, long list of things to do in order to have a balanced system.
  • lza
    lza Member Posts: 40


    Did the contractor take the photo and write in "Traps belong here" in red ink?  If so, I would never invite him/her back again.  Traps do NOT belong there, right before a condensate receiver. And if he mistook strainers for traps, then that would be even more evidence he doesn't know what he's talking about. 

    One of the benefits of having strainers in that position is that its easier to blown down/clean out.  Even if you don't add the ball valves, it would be good to pull out the plug when you do your annual maintenance and use a coat hanger or something to get some of the junk out. 
  • HoyteKing
    HoyteKing Member Posts: 85
    contractor eval only

    The contractor who wrote that was only in to evaluate our system. I am in Chicago, and had a great deal of trouble in finding someone. This contractor, it seems to me, understood hot water systems better than steam (he advocated changing our system over to hot water).

    He was a little thrown by the returns, and researched them. In general, I was satisfied with his eval, as the big stuff was right: no header, main vents in wrong place, no insulation, problems in management decision making.

    We obtained another eval from the best man in Chicagoland on steam. This eval ran into problems with management decision making, too. Now, I the best steam man in the area has work 4 months in advance, and I have no idea who else could do our work for us that is competent.

    I have already forwarded the thread on the Cozy to one of my neighbors.