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The cobblers children.....

bill nye_3
bill nye_3 Member Posts: 307
... had no shoes. My radiant floor has not been working right since the beginning of the heating season. I ignored it at first , but my floors just were not as warm as they should have been. The taco 007 was noisy . I didn't want to deal with it because it was the one that had the 24 volt switching relay built in.

When the temperature outside dropped below zero my rooms were barely 60°. I quickly changed the cartridge only in the pump one cold snowy morning. Then it warmed up outside for a few days. It got cold again but my wife was home and ran the wood stove so I could ignore the cold floors. I purged the zones 5 or 6 times (do something stupid and get a reward) every time things warmed and I thought I got it.

 We have not used the wood stove for days. This morning the house was barely 60°. Purged zones again at 3:30 AM, went to work.  Just now I replaced the pump. I installed it in 1998. The pump body (volute) and the flanges and nipples were plugged with rust. I have Heatway Onyx tubing , I got a deal on it, when I power purged the zones all this muddy rusty looking crud came out. I hope this stuff isn't eating my Viessmann too. Hope it is fixed. Why can't we work on our stuff at home instead of losing 2 hrs. from work to do it ?


  • jumper
    jumper Member Posts: 2,208
    customer is boss

    When she calls you have to do it. Otherwise, what's the difference two hundred years from now?

    Do auto mechanics ever service their own car?
  • SWEI
    SWEI Member Posts: 7,356
    Heatway Onix

    Plenty of posts over the years here on Onix.  Consensus seems to be that you flush well with a cleaner (e.g. Rhomar Hydro-Solv) and then add a conditioner.  Eliminating ferrous materials from the rest of the system also recommended.
  • kcopp
    kcopp Member Posts: 4,396
    I second the Rhomar....

    treatment. I have a number of systems out there some Onix some Poly B that have Rhomar in them They have made a huge difference.